About us

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logo with old moto2IMMKO (Mandalianos & Psilaki G.P.) was established in 2007. Our mission is to build value for our clients by providing quality e-business consulting and integrated services on e-business.

Based on knowledge and inspired by clients’ vision, IMMKO can design, create and mostly support technological solutions that satisfy specific business requirements.

Among others, IMMKO’s competitive advantages are:

  • IMMKO's executives and personnel have high-level, specialized education and training in e-business
  • Company's strategy focus to offer qualified e-business services at the optimum price
  • IMMKO cooperate in a regular base with organizations such as universities and public – private development agents that promote innovation and knowledge

At present, developing a variety of activities and projects, IMMKO makes its steps in the complicated field of e-business. IMMKO's services cover most of e-business activities, excluding hardware trading.

Company's services can be summarized in the following categories:

  • E-business consulting
  • E-business strategy & plans (business and marketing plans)
  • Web sites' design and development
  • Technical and business (marketing) support of web sites and applications
  • Custom software development and implementation
  • Support of networks and electronic systems
  • Proposals' preparation for the participation of the customers in European and National e-business projects and initiatives
  • Training services
  • Research on e-business